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Having a hard time keeping your mailbox clear of SPAM?

Unwanted email is a big problem
According to Message Labs, two of every five emails sent in 2003 are spam. This is a dramatic increase compared to 2002's figures of one in eleven. Spam is a major problem that isn't going away any time soon.

Even worse, SPAM and can contain harmful viruses that cause severe damage to your home PC. It can take days to restore your system and files - this can be staggering. Off the shelf or packaged solutions are high maintenance and require constant updating - still leaving you and your PC vulnerable between updates. SpamAlert is a managed service that stays on top of all the updates and protects your home PC 24 hours a day.

SpamAlert prevents this "junk mail" from ever reaching your home PC. In addition, SpamAlert provides an easy-to-retrieve, secured quarantine area for you to review what SpamAlert considered SPAM.

SpamAlert email filtering is a safe way to get your family online while regulating the kind of junk email they receive. The unfortunate side of email is that businesses use it to market all sorts of products. A sad fact is that online pornography remains the single, most lucrative business on the Internet. SpamAlert provides you the absolute best in email filtering to keep your family safe from such email online.

SpamAlert advanced filtering technology has been tested to accurately block detrimental email. Unlike most filtering services, SpamAlert lets you choose how you want your emails to be filtered.

The best part of the SpamAlert offering is - there is no hardware to buy and no software to download. It is available and implemented generally the same day.

SpamAlert Provides:

  • Simple easy to use Spam Protection for your mailbox
  • Digests are sent showing users quarantined mail
  • Custom whitelists based on subjects & email addresses
  • View held mail for 7 days
  • Simple administration built right into WebMail

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